Condensed Matter Theory

Lines of activities:

  • Spintronics;
  • Topological insulators;
  • Strongly correlated systems;
  • Magnetism;
  • Superconductivity.

  • Topological order is a property of the quantum wave function in materials. When the topology changes by adjusting some material parameter, transition of the topological phase takes place. How statistical mechanics concepts manifest themselves in topological phase transitions is an important question, especially the notion of correlation function, scale and class of universality. In addition, realistic material properties, such as strong correlations and symmetries, have a profound influence on topology.

    Spintronic devices usually consume less energy than conventional electronic devices and appear to have promising applications, especially in ​​information technology. To carry out applications, an important aspect is to control the magnetic moment by electric currents in thin films. The theoretical description for the microscopic mechanism for this type of devices continues to be studied.