Physics is the science that studies the phenomena and more fundamental structures of nature, trying to describe them in the form of more general laws possible. The study of physics provides a set of basic tools for the training of professionals who work in various areas of technical and scientific knowledge. Thus, the physical is a professional of great importance in today’s world, both in developed and in developing countries such as Brazil.

The Physics Department offers a bachelor’s qualification in Physics. The degree of complexity achieved by various fields in recent decades the physics require that possesses the physical PhD. Thus, BA aims to provide an introductory base as broad as possible, allowing the physical natural continuation of their studies at postgraduate level, developing their creative abilities and independence.

Like all faculty in the Department of Physics are also researchers, there is a constant concern in keeping the courses up to date with respect to recent advances in physics. Through a scholarship program for Scientific Initiation, future physicists can begin to engage in research projects of the department, preparing early for your career.

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Curriculum and Periodization

Baccalaureate in Physics – BFS

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Name of Discipline
FIS 1033 Mecânica Newtoniana 4
FIS 1034 Laboratório de Mecânica Newtoniana 2
MAT 1161 Cálculo de uma Variável 6
MAT 1200 Álgebra Linear I 4
QUI 1709 Laboratório de Química Geral 3
QUI 1720 Química Geral 4
CRE 1100 O Humano e o Fenômeno Religioso 4
FIS 1041 Fluidos e Termodinâmica 4
FIS 1042 Laboratório de Fluidos e Termodinâmica 2
INF 1005 Programação I 4
MAT 1162 Cálculo a Várias Variáveis I 4
CRE 0700** Optativas de Cristianismo 4
FIL 0300** Optativas de Filosofia – CB-CTC 4
FIS 1051 Eletromagnetismo 4
FIS 1052 Laboratório de Eletromagnetismo 2
FIS 1201 Mecânica Geral I 4
MAT 1163 Cálculo a Varias Variáveis II 4
MAT 1202 Álgebra Linear II 3
CRE 1141 Ética Cristã 2
FIS 0303** Optativas de Mecânica Geral II/Mecânica Analítica 4
FIS 1061 Física Moderna 4
FIS 1062 Laboratório de Física Moderna 2
MAT 1154 Equações Diferenciais e de Diferenças 4
FIS 1301 Eletromagnetismo I 4
FIS 1400 Estrutura da Matéria I 4
FIS 1451 Laboratório de Física Moderna I 4
FIS 1505 Métodos Matemáticos da Física e da Engenharia I 4
CRE 1172 Ética Profissional 2
FIS 1221 Mecânica Quântica I 4
FIS 1302 Eletromagnetismo II 4
FIS 1452 Laboratório de Física Moderna II 4
FIS 1506 Métodos Matemáticos da Física e da Engenharia II 4
FIS 1222 Mecânica Quântica II 4
FIS 1406 Estrutura da Matéria IV 6
FIS 1602 Física Estatística 4
FIS 1402 Estrutura da Matéria II 4
FIS 1405 Estrutura da Matéria III 6
ACP 0900 Atividades Complementares 14
ELL 0900 Eletivas Livres – Dentro/Fora do Departamento 28
Total de créditos: 18


** See the set of disciplines that make up this group in PUC or online at the registry of your course.
1 The elective courses are listed in groups and can be routed separately to complete the number of credits that must be met. Information about the courses that comprise each group can be obtained directly from the PUC or online at the registry of your course.
2 The electives are the student’s choice, provided that obeyed the type and number of credits in the curriculum established for each type of elective.