General coordinator

Prof. Fernando Lázaro Freire Jr.

Technical Staff

Cristina Marlasca, Luiz Carlos Alcantara and Jorge Luiz de Andrade Ferreira

Lab location

All the introductory physics labs and the technical lab support room of the Pierre Lucie Undergraduate Labs infrastructure are located on the third floor of the Cardel Leme building. Undergraduate students of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Informatics, Biology, Arts and Architecture of PUC-Rio are assisted by the laboratories.


The Pierre Henri Lucie Undergraduate labs are listed below along with all subjects and experiments available in each of the labs:

1) Room 342L – Subjects: FIS1034 – Laboratory of Newtonian Mechanics and FIS1027 – Newtonian Mechanics B, is equipped with 21 stations with lab sets for experiments in classical mechanics.

This room is equipped hands-on experiments on: Graphs, Gravity, Vectors, Projectile Motion, Static Friction, Kinetic Friction, One-Dimensional Collisions, Two Dimensional Collisions, Moment of Inertia, Moment of Inertia of individual particles, Angular Moment  of solid objects, Bearings.

2) Room 348-L – Subject: FIS1451- Laboratory of Modern Physics, is equipped with three stations for experiments in Modern Physics.

This room is equipped with hands-on experiments on: Michelson’s interferometry: Visible and Microwave, Radiation (Stephan-Bolztman’s Law), Determination of Planck’s constant and photoelectric effect, Diffraction of electromagnetic waves and electrons, Liquid crystal, Bragg diffraction, Piezoelectric, Fourrier optics.

3) Room 350-L – Subject: FIS1052 – Laboratory of Electromagnetism, is equipped with 15 stations for experiments on magnetism, electrostatics and electrical circuits.

This room is equipped with hands-on experiments on: Resistive Elements, Kirchhofff’s Laws, Equipotentials, Measurement Instruments, RC Circuit, Magnetic Field I, Magnetic Field II, Faraday, RLC Circuit Damped, RLC Circuit Resonance.

4) Room 354-L – Subject: FIS1062 – Laboratory of Modern Physics and FIS1025 – Newtonian Mechanics A.

This room is equipped with 15 stations with hands-on experiments on: Snell’s Law, Optical Instruments, Radiation, Linear Polarization, Circular Polarization, Diffraction, Interference, Diffraction Network, Planck Constant for the FIS1062 and Spring-loaded, Horizontal Airplane, Tilt, Free Fall, Projectile for the FIS1025.

5) Room 358-L – Subjects: Physics for Arts, Physics for Architecture I, Physics for Architecture II, Physics for Biology, Biophysics for Biology.

This room is equipped with 12 stations for hands-on experiments in mechanics, fluids, waves, calorimetry, electricity and optics.

6) Room 362-L – Subject: FIS1042 – Laboratory of Fluids and Thermodynamics.

This room is equipped with 18 stations for hands-on experiments in fluids, oscillations, waves and heat. Experiment sets on: Fluid Statics, Hydrodynamics, Spring Mass System, Pendulum, Resonance, Wave – Strings, Sound waves, Wave Tank, Mechanical Equivalent of Calorie, Specific Heat are available.

7) Room 347L – Lab support room in which all experimental sets and teaching material is produced.